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This week, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller gave a keynote address at Brookings on US Nuclear Arms Control Policy. In her address, Gottemoeller discussed how the administration is adjusting to the slowed progress of arms control given the far less conducive atmosphere left in the wake of the Ukraine-Russia crisis. After beginning with such high hopes, and with definite achievements including New Start and the Nuclear Security Summits, how is the Obama administration approaching arms control in its final two years? Where can it find success in a sea-full of difficulty? Under Secretary Gottemoeller tackles these questions and more.

Steven Pifer, senior fellow at Brookings and the director of the Arms control and Nonproliferation Initiative, introduced Gottemoeller and moderated the discussion.

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Mieke Eoyang of Third Way discusses her provocative recent proposal on Lawfare for making the FISA Amendments Act the exclusive means by which the NSA can acquire content against overseas non-US persons from U.S. tech companies.

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Brookings scholar Nathan Sachs discusses the Byzantine politics of the Israeli government, the fall of the latest government of Binyamin Netanyahu, and the coming Israeli elections.

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